Washing Guidelines:

- Always follow the washing instructions on the label of the towel/bed linen. By adhering to recommended washing instructions you will guarantee long-term enjoyment of your Christy products.

- Ensure that you use the recommended amount of washing detergent. Take care not to expose your towels/bed linen to neat detergent prior to washing.

- Select a gentle laundry detergent. Many modern detergents contain bleach or whitening agents. Ideally these should not be used when washing coloured towels/bed linen as they may progressively fade the colour. Using a detergent designed for colours will ensure your towels/bed linen retain their colour for many years.

- Limit the use of fabric conditioner on your towels. Whilst they give your towels a soft feel, overuse of conditioner leaves a coating on the towels and reduces the absorbency.

- When the wash cycle has finished remove bed linen promptly from the machine and shake out whilst damp to minimise creasing and drying time.

- For best results tumble dry your towels/bed linen on a gentle heat. This will give your towels the softest finish and help reduce creasing on your bed linen. Do not dry your bed linen for longer than necessary.

- Iron your bed linen whilst still slightly damp: it’s easier! In the event that bed linen has been over dried, use a water spray to dampen fabric before ironing.

- Pulled threads occur when loops catch on sharp objects. Do not pull loose threads - simply cut them off. Christy towels are woven so threads won’t run. To prevent pulled threads avoid washing towels with other garments, which have hooks or zips.